About US

Our mission and purpose is to “PREPARE” organizations to address any eventualities at all levels of the hierarchy, phases, scenarios, teams and users. 

Everyone must have a clear understanding and direction of what needs to be done at that moment.

Conducting TableTop, Walkthrough & Functional testing is a practical and engaging way to determine the readiness of your team’s ability to respond to an incident or eventuality, but conducting these tests can be time-consuming & cumbersome with a large number of users & teams in an organization.

Testmyplan digitally transforms Emergency response, Incident and crisis management desktop and functional testing.

Working in the compliance industry for more than 20 years, we recognized the massive administrative overheads in organizing the testing of plans by every industry and thus Testmyplan was created to make testing of plans easy, effective and measurable.

Our people


Ashish Sharma

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

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