Getting Started

TestMyPlan is a platform which digitally transforms emergency response, incident & crisis management, tabletop & functional testing.

Our approach to emergency response, incident and crisis management testing or drills ensures maximum impact and awareness with minimal effort.

SignUp Process

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Manual Method

Once you enter the basic details like name, email, designation, country, city & industry and submit the form, a verification email will be sent to the registered email address.
Once the email is verified, log in to get started with the initial onboarding process.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Method

Click on the Google or Microsoft icons to get started with Single Sign-On (SSO)

On the pop-up select your organizational account.

Once verification is done, add details like industry, modules, company, phone, country, and city.

Click on signup and get started with the initial onboarding process

Select module
After login select the module.

  • Step 1 is to Add location to the platform. During the trial, only 1 location can be added to the platform.
  • PRO: Multiple locations can be added and managed in the Pro version.
  • The next step is to add users – max 5 for trial version
  • You can add users either using the registration link, or form in the trial version and also the excel in the PRO version
  • Registration Link: Copy the link and share it with users to register with the platform.
  • Form Method: Use the form to add and register users individually.
  • Excel Method: Download a sample excel sheet and add users to it and upload it.


To know more, go to the “Automated Testing” section

  • Adding teams is a premium feature
  • You can add your users to pre-installed teams like ERT, IMT, Cyber Response Team, etc; with dedicated roles and responsibilities.
  • Once Teams are added you are ready to start testing Team Incident Management Phases.
  • Once Teams are added you are ready to start testing different Emergency, Incident & Crisis Management teams phases, involving or excluding general users.

Dependency management is a PRO feature.

The dependencies module contains the list of all dependencies for a particular module and industry.

Each dependency consists of requirement questions which are to be complied to periodically.

You can assign a dependency owner to each dependency and set compliance check frequency as Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or as per request.

A form will be sent to the dependency owner with pre-installed dependency questions to fill.

Based on the dependency requirements form submission, Gap and Preparedness levels are calculated.

Automated Testing

Start testing by selecting the Threat, Incident, and Cause from the dropdown.

Select the type of test. When selecting the test phase details will be shown to give a high-level view of the steps that will be executed during the test.


Select users who are registered to the platform from the list and who are part of the scope for the testing.


PRO – Select/Review team details who should participate in the test

Dependency Details

Review the dependency details as configured

PRO – Edit dependency details as per your organization’s details.

Automated Reports

Select the type of report and to whom, it should be shared.

In the trial, only the “Test Response Report” will be shared with the selected email.

PRO – Get different analytics reports with in-depth details for that module. Multiple types of reports can be generated with specific requirements

Test Summary

Review the summary and update the configuration with the following details:

Test Plan Name (Optional): Use an auto-generated test plan name or give a test name as per your requirements.

Launch Date and Time: Select the date and time from the dropdowns provided.

Maximum Response Time: Enter time(in mins) after which the user’s response will not be taken into consideration for incident testing.

Automate testing for any threats, incidents, and causes using this feature.

Just enter the date, the number of steps per day & time interval between the steps execution and click on start to automate testing.

These test steps will be sent to all users in the user module.

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