An Industry involved in the extraction and processing of minerals and resources from the earth.

Threats & Risks

Mining accidents

The mining industry is associated with a variety of potential accidents, such as cave-ins, explosions, fires, and equipment failures, which can cause serious injuries or fatalities.

Structural failures

The buildings and structures associated with mining operations are often large and complex, and failures can occur due to design flaws, poor maintenance, or natural disasters.

Land subsidence

Mining can cause land subsidence, which can result in damage to buildings, roads, and other infrastructure.

Tailings dam failures

Tailings are the waste products that result from mining operations, and they are often stored in large dams. Tailings dams can fail due to poor design, inadequate maintenance, or natural disasters, which can result in catastrophic environmental damage.

Water management

Mining operations often require large amounts of water, and poor management of this resource can lead to environmental damage and water shortages for local communities.


Mining operations often involve the transportation of large amounts of materials, which can pose risks to workers and the general public if not properly managed.

Hazardous materials

The mining industry often involves the use and storage of hazardous materials, such as explosives and chemicals, which can pose risks to workers and the environment if not properly managed.

Natural disasters

Mining operations are often located in areas that are susceptible to natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, and landslides, which can cause damage to facilities and infrastructure

Standards Compliance Requirement

ISO 45001
Occupational Health & Safety management system – Hazard identification
8.2 Emergency Preparedness and Response
ISO 14001
Environmental Management Standard
8.2 Emergency Preparedness and Response

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